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Playing the Piano Makes You Smarter!


Music makes an important impact on how we think, how we feel, and how we believe. 


Music plays a role in the development of children from the strains of the first lullaby.  It enters a child’s life from experiences in the family, from the media, as a part of religious worship, in school curriculum, and in play.  In addition to its social value, recent research suggests that music also is important  for intellectual development.




Music and children are a natural combination.  Through piano study the child can learn much about the process of learning and develop an awareness of how self-discipline and daily practice can improve skills.  The joy of musical expression and building self-esteem are also enhanced by combining muscular, visual and aural development.




The piano is an excellent instrument on which to begin music study.  It is an instrument that is found in many households.  It is an easy instrument on which to produce a pleasing tone, and it covers the full gamut of musical expression.


Music training at an early age helps build skills necessary for abstract reasoning.  What this means is that early music training may influence brain development, much in the same way that reading does to a young child.


Allegro Piano Studio of San Antonio will teach children as young as 4, depending on their reading and writing abilities.


Four year olds need to know the letters A-G and numbers 1-5.  Additionally, since the lessons are private, the child must be disciplined enough to sit comfortably through a 30 minute lesson for maximum results.  Parental support and involvement is required for young students. 




Students of Allegro Piano Studio of San Antonio are given weekly assignments that challenge and encourage their progress. Recitals are offered throughout the year to give the student the opportunity to showcase his/her talent in front of their family and friends. There is never a charge for the recitals. 




This question is often asked by prospective students. Our teachers make it a priority to get to know each student on a personal level and to become familiar with a student's personal musical needs and goals.


We do not treat every student the same in terms of what and how we teach.  Adults are also welcomed as students.


Growth evaluations are given to keep the students updated on their progress every step of the way.  


If you enroll for lessons, we will work with you to make a plan that will fit your needs and musical preferences. At the first lesson your teacher will ask you about your favorite type of music and will set goals to help accomplish whatever musical aspirations you have for yourself or your child.




All styles are taught, from classical to pop, jazz, country, blues and rock.


Check out the wide selection of piano sheet music and books available at sheetmusicplus



Allegro Piano Studio of San Antonio has been in business since 1999. Teachers are qualified with many years of experience.  Piano lessons focus on a wide range of learning styles and interests, with the primary focus on piano performance and music theory. Allegro Piano is centrally located off Blanco/West Avenue.  Read the testimonials on our website to see what students are saying about Allegro Piano Studio.




Simply call 210-364-4415 or email to schedule your lesson.  There is a comfortable waiting area in our studio for parents (wifi available). Parents are also welcome to observe the lesson.

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